Our work for the Welsh Government


Our work for the Welsh Government

Short turnaround analysis and advice

The Institute has a rolling work programme of short turn-around assignments relating to specific Ministerial portfolios. This work programme is developed in consultation with Ministers and their advisors, and in conjunction with our independent Board of Governors.  For a list of our assignments, past and current, please visit Our Work Programme

For each assignment that we undertake, the PPIW seeks to identify a suitable expert or group of experts from whom it commissions bespoke pieces of advice. Depending on the issue, this advice is presented in a variety of different forms (for example: a written think piece, a series of meetings with Ministers and their advisors, or participating in a seminar).

Assignments are not expected to produce new data or evidence. Rather, the aim is to draw on the experts’ existing knowledge of their fields, and bring this to bear on the issue at hand.

In addition to completing assignments, the Institute is also charged with assessing Ministers’ evidence needs, highlighting any gaps in current provision and making recommendations for filling these.

On-going work on strategic challenges

In addition to assignments for individual Ministers, we are also undertaking work on some of the key strategic challenges facing the Government as a whole including:

  • How to sustain public services in the face of demographic and fiscal pressures;
  • How to tackle poverty by improving outcomes for the most disadvantaged individuals, households and communities; and
  • How the Welsh Government can make best use of existing powers and policy levers and what additional powers might Ministers need.



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