Our Work for Welsh Government

Our Work for Welsh Government

 The PPIW provides evidence on demand for Welsh Government Ministers via a rolling work programme of short turn-around assignments. This work programme is developed in consultation with Minsters and their advisors, and in conjunction with our independent Board of Governors. For a list of our current assignments please visit Our Work Programme. All of our completed assignments can viewed on our Publications page.

These assignments take a variety of forms. Sometimes we seek to identify a suitable expert or group of experts from whom we commission bespoke pieces of advice. In other cases we bring together a small group of experts with Welsh Government officials and run workshops, or undertake work in-house. Our assignments are not expected to produce new data or evidence. Rather, the aim is to draw on existing knowledge, and bring this to bear on the issue at hand.

In addition to completing assignments, the Institute is also charged with assessing Ministers’ evidence needs, highlighting any gaps in current provision and making recommendations for filling these.

Welsh Assembly debating chamber

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