PPIW Report Publication: Use Information Technology and Create ‘Roving’ Teams to Strengthen International Offices

Making sure Wales has the right web presence and creating roving teams to promote benefits of locating in Wales are just two recommendations from reports produced by the Public Policy Institute for Wales, the think tank hosted at Cardiff University.

Led by Professor Max Munday, an expert in inward investment based at Cardiff University’s Business School, the research found that Wales has less representation overseas than some of its competitor countries and regions.

The two reports – Decisions, Decisions: How should the Welsh Government decide where to locate its Overseas Offices? and Punching our Weight?  International Comparisons of the Location and Staffing of Overseas Officesalso looked at the key factors that Welsh Government should take into account when deciding where to locate its international offices. It also found that improvements in information technology have significantly changed the role of overseas offices.

The study concludes that improvements in information technology have changed the role of overseas offices.  There is now less need to have people on the ground in overseas markets.  Ensuring the correct web presence in overseas locations is vital and creating and sustaining strong online content is also key.  But having mobile teams who can visit countries to make the most of specific opportunities could lead to significant savings and enhance the effectiveness of Wales’ representation overseas

Commenting on the launch of the reports, the Director of the Public Policy Institute for Wales, Professor Steve Martin, said: “These reports are extremely timely. It is important that Welsh Government makes the most of its international presence to attract investors into Wales. Ensuring it has offices in the right locations and making the best use of its staff is crucial. We hope the work we have published today will help Ministers in making these important decisions.”