PPIW’s Sixth Work Programme Announced

We are pleased to announce our sixth work programme, which will run until September 2017.  Following discussions with Ministers and officials, we have agreed with the First Minister that the programme will focus on the following evidence needs:

Assignment  Project Lead
Analytical Support for the European Advisory Group Steve Martin
The future of work in Wales Mair Bell
The provision of affordable housing Dan Bristow
De-escalating public service interventions Mair Bell
Shared services in local government Craig Johnson
Participatory budgeting and Welsh Government spending decisions Emyr Williams
Implications of Brexit for rural land use in Wales Emyr Williams
Implications of Brexit for fisheries policy in Wales Mair Bell
Teacher engagement with research evidence Dan Bristow
Evaluating Higher Education reforms Dan Bristow
Behavioural change to improve health outcomes Dan Bristow
Alternative approaches to economic development Emyr Williams
The tax base in Wales Mair Bell
Employment and health services: structures and processes for closer working Emyr Williams
Brexit and Wales: understanding the EU referendum vote Craig Johnson
Scoping work on evidence needs in relation to the possible role of a public development banking in Wales Craig Johnson

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