PPIW Fourth Work Programme

We have now had our fourth Work Programme approved by the First Minister and will be working on these assignments over the coming months. The programme covers a wide range of policy areas and we look forward to working closely with experts to provide the best possible evidenced based analysis of the issues for Minsters. This new work programme will be undertaken alongside our ongoing work. More information on all of our work can be found on the ‘Our Work’ section of our website. If you would like to find out more about these or assignments or any of our other work then contact us here.


Minister for Economy, Science and Transport Expert workshop – Improving skills and employability
Evidence review – The effectiveness of employer subsidies
Minister for Education and Skills Evidence review – Increasing the use of school facilities
Evidence review – Building emotional resilience in primary school children
Expert workshop – Pastoral support and learning development in secondary schools
Expert workshop – Future evidence needs in education
Minister for Finance and Government Business Modelling – Childcare policy options for Wales
Expert analysis – Invest to Save programme
Minister for Public Services Leadership lectures
Minister for Health and Social Services Expert advice – Modelling healthcare reforms
Expert advice – Increasing the uptake of advanced decisions
Expert workshop – De-escalating intervention for adolescents
Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty Briefing note – Intergenerational worklessness
Minister for Natural Resources Evidence review – The economic benefits to businesses of adopting of environmentally sustainable practices
Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology Evidence review – Rethinking the Work Programme in Wales
Deputy Minister for Food and Farming Expert analysis – The Welsh Government’s food policy

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