PPIW Focus Weeks

Brexit will dominate political debates for the foreseeable future.  However there are some fundamental policy challenges in Wales that aren’t going away whatever the outcome of the UK negotiations with the EU. How to secure economic growth and high quality jobs? How to satisfy increasing demand for health and social care?  How to provide decent homes?  How to ensure that children and young people are equipped with the education and skills they need?  How to promote wellbeing in communities that feel that they have been left behind and overlooked by politicians in Cardiff and in London?

Over the last two years the PPIW has worked with more than 150 experts from across the UK and beyond to bring evidence to bear on these and other pressing issues facing policy makers in Wales.  Over the summer we are reflecting on the work that we have done so far and each week we are focusing on one or two key topics and highlighting some of the key insights and recommendations from our work. #FocusOn

Week One:

Lauren Carter Davies takes a look at Housing in Wales. 

housing title download

Week Two:

Ian Jones takes a look at the Welsh Economy.

economy thin download

Dan Bristow takes a look Health and Social Care.

h&sc download2

Week Three:

Lauren Carter-Davies takes a look at Education.

education download2

Week Four:

Emyr Williams takes a look at Poverty and Inequality.

poverty download

In our final post Steve Martin takes a look at Local Government.

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