Power and Policy Levers

Power and Policy Levers

At the end of November we launched a two year programme of research and knowledge exchange funded by the Economic and Social Research Council which is investigating how the Welsh Government has used its powers and policy levers and the lessons for policy makers in Wales. The programme will seek to address some important questions including:

  • Do Welsh Ministers have the powers and policy levers that they need to achieve their objectives?
  • If not, what additional powers might be necessary?
  • Could they make more effective use of existing policy levers?
  • How can the Welsh Government work effectively with the UK government, local government and other agencies?

The study will examine the use of the powers and policy levers in comparable countries/regions and look at a selection of legislation and policy episodes to understand what is achievable with existing powers and analyse how things might be different if the Welsh Government acquires new powers. On 14th March we convened an expert workshop with senior policy makers, academics, and practitioners to discuss the issues the current state of knowledge and evidence gaps.

For further information contact Andrew.Connell@ppiw.org.uk


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