New Assignment – What Works in Tackling Rural Poverty

The Public Policy Institute for Wales is working with the Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) to review the international evidence about what works in tackling rural poverty. This study examining interventions that are designed to address four key issues which were identified in our earlier literature review:

  • The rural economy;
  • Transport and access to services;
  • Housing; and
  • The rural poverty premium.

The assignment will seek to identify:

  • Which interventions have been successful in addressing rural poverty in the areas identified;
  • The relative cost of each intervention;
  • The strength of the evidence in relation to each intervention; and
  • The policy implications of the evidence.

The report will be completed in 2017 and provide policy makers with evidence  about the types of interventions that have most impact in addressing poverty in rural areas, and the implications for future rural policy.

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