Future demand for housing

Future Need and Demand for Housing in Wales

Author: Dr Alan Holmans, Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research

This report formulates a new estimate of the need and demand for housing in Wales over the period 2011 to 2031, and presents the findings of this work. *Note: This report was revised November 2015.


Ageing population housing needs

Meeting the Housing Needs of an Ageing Population in Wales: Report of recommendations

Author: Dr Sarah Hillcoat-Nalletamby, Centre for Innovative Ageing

A report of recommendations on the challenges that population ageing poses for housing needs in Wales, and what the Welsh Government might do to meet them. Follows a PPIW evidence review on the current state of older people’s housing in Wales: Housing for Older People in Wales: An Evidence Review.


homelessness prevention

Evaluating the Contribution the Supporting People Programme makes to Preventing and Tackling Homelessness: A Feasibility Study

Author: Tamsin Stirling, Tamsin Stirling Associates

This report sets out an approach for how the contribution of the Supporting People programme to tackling and preventing homelessness might be evaluated.

Young care leavers and homelessness

Provision for Young Care Leavers at Risk of Homelessness

Author: Anna Whalen, Anna Whalen Consulting

This report identifies that the effectiveness of joint working between Housing and Children’s Service and Supporting People provision for care leavers varies considerably across Wales.


Private rented sectors

The Potential Role of the Private Rented Sector in Wales 

Authors: Professor Christine Whitehead and Kath Scanlon, London School of Economics

This report analyses the growth in the private rented sector (PRS) over the last decade and the implications


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