Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Funding Gap

Efficiency and the NHS Wales Funding Gap

Author: Michael Trickey, WPS2025.

Working with Wales Public Services 2025, the PPIW ran a series of facilitated workshops exploring how further ‘technical’ efficiency could help close the projected long-term NHS ‘funding gap’ in Wales.

SBMs in H&SC

Increasing the role of Social Business Models in Health and Social Care: An Evidence Review

Authors: Ross Millar, Dr Kelly Hall and Dr Robin Miller, University of Birmingham.

This report examines the existing evidence about factors that enable SBMs to operate successfully in health and social care settings and to consider the implications for Wales. *Note: This report was revised in Autumn 2016.

De-escalating Interventions for Troubled AdolescentsDe-escalating Interventions for Troubled Adolescents

Author: Ian Jones, PPIW.

An expert roundtable report which summarises evidence about the potential for de-escalating interventions in the lives of troubled adolescents.

Advance decisions

Increasing the Awareness and Uptake of Advance Decisions in Wales

Authors: Professor Celia Kitzinger, University of York, and Professor Jenny Kitzinger, Cardiff University.

This report examines the legal position and identifies ways of increasing awareness and uptake of ADRTs in Wales.

Elective Surgery

International Experience of Elective Surgery

Authors: Pippa Anderson and Kateryna Onishchenko, Swansea Centre for Health Economics.

This report reviews international experience of approaches to prioritising elective surgery and considers how this might inform practice in Wales. *Note: This report was revised in Autumn 2016.


Conditional Entitlement Heathcare

International Experience of Conditional Entitlement Healthcare

Authors: Pippa Anderson and Kateryna Onishchenko, Swansea Centre for Health Economics.

This report reviews recent experiences in countries that have modified entitlement to healthcare. *Note: This report was revised in Autumn 2016.


Care home market

The Care Home Market in Wales: Mapping the Sector

Authors: Professor Keith Moultrie and Nic Rattle, Institute of Public Care, Oxford Brookes University.

This report looks at the resilience of the care home market in Wales.

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