Time for a Full Public Bank in Wales?

Author: Craig Johnson, PPIW

The latest report from the Public Policy Institute for Wales brings together evidence on the effectiveness and viability of a full public bank in Wales.


Public Services and Invest to Save Fund

Driving Public Service Transformation and Innovation through the Invest to Save Fund

Authors: Ian Jones and Dan Bristow, PPIW

This report outlines a number of ways the Welsh Government could adapt the operation of the Invest to Save Fund without losing the impact it has already had.

Childcare Policy Options

Childcare Policy Options for Wales

Authors: Gillian Paull and Xiaowei Xu, Frontier Economics

This report provides independent advice on the development of options for extending support for childcare in Wales; and, in particular, the potential impact of extending the Welsh Government’s provision of free childcare for three to four year olds.

Learning from Invest to Save Fund

A Shared Responsibility: Maximising Learning from the Invest to Save Fund

Authors: Dr James Downe, Cardiff Business School

An analysis of the first round of the Invest to Save Fund and advice on how to maximise learning already achieved through the Fund.

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