Exploring the Evidence Needs of Future Public Services: PPIW Expert Workshop

Over the last two years we have undertaken analysis of a range of public policy issues relating to public services including local leadership, future housing need and responses to the funding gap in the NHS. The disparate nature of the work that we have undertaken reflects the evidence needs that have emerged from our discussions with Ministers.  We recommended to the First Minister that the next phase of the PPIW’s work focuses on some of the ‘big issues’ that are relevant to the government as a whole.

In preparation for this we wanted to take a more systematic look at the current state of the evidence about public service improvement.  To inform this analysis we convened a workshop which brought together an invited group of public service experts and Welsh Government officials to identify and discuss the evidence needs for future public services.

Participants included senior academics from across the UK, as well as representatives from Y Lab, the Early Intervention Foundation, What Works Scotland, the Institute of Government, the Office for Public Management, the Public Services Transformation Network, Wales Public Services 2025 and Welsh Government.

The discussion was structured around four key areas:

  1. Public service improvement.
  2. Innovation
  3. Place based approaches and integration.
  4. User engagement and co-production.

Workshop participants were asked to identify the evidence and evidence needs in respect of each of these issues.

The workshop was an initial step in a longer term process of supporting Ministers in the identification and meeting of their evidence needs. The results and subsequent discussions will be used to advise incoming Ministers about evidence needs and the role the PPIW might play alongside others in meeting these needs.

A write up of the workshop discussion will be published in due course.


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