Our Work Funded by the ESRC

Our Work Funded by the ESRC

The PPIW was funded by Economic and Social Research Council to undertake research on some of the key strategic challenges facing the Government as a whole, including:

  • What works in tackling poverty.
  • How the Welsh Government can make best use of existing powers and policy levers and what additional powers might Ministers need.

The ESRC also funded the PPIW to be part of the UK’s What Works Network. For more information on our work funded by ESRC, and information about the What Works Network, click on the links below.

In October 2017 the PPIW became part of the Wales Centre for Public Policy. The Centre builds on the success of PPIW, and will continue the Institute’s work of meeting Welsh Government Ministers’ evidence needs, alongside a new mission to support public services to access, generate, evaluate and apply evidence about what works to key economic and social challenges.

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Powers and Policy Levers







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