Participatory Budgeting: An Evidence Review

Authors: Emyr Williams, Dr Emily St.Denny and Dan Bristow, PPIW

This report provides evidence on the different types of PB, how they have been used, and the key considerations for designing a PB process.

Rail Provision ReportNot-for-Dividend Rail Service Provision

Authors: Lauren Carter-Davies and Dan Bristow, PPIW

The PPIW brought together a group of experts  to provide advice on the future design of the Wales and Border franchise and, in particular, how the franchise could be designed to deliver not-for-dividend (NFD) passenger rail services.

Improving the Economic Performance of Wales

Improving the Economic Performance of Wales: Existing Evidence and Evidence Needs

Author: Ian Jones, PPIW

The PPIW brought together leading experts and policy makers to consider what works in improving the performance of an economy such as Wales.

Airports Report

Maximising the Economic Benefits of the Welsh Government’s Investment in Cardiff and St. Athan Airports

Author: Chris Cain, Northpoint Aviation

Chris Cain outlines guidance to the Welsh Government on ways of maximising the direct and indirect economic benefits of the Government’s investment in Cardiff International Airport (CIA) and St Athan Airport.

Enterprise Zones

Governing for Success: Reviewing the Evidence on Enterprise Zones

Author: Professor Peter Tyler, University of Cambridge

Professor Peter Tyler reviews the evidence on Enterprise Zones to see what is known about how they should be managed if they are to be effective.

wg overseas offices

Decisions, Decisions: How Should the Welsh Government Decide where to Locate its Overseas Offices

Author: Professor Max Munday, Cardiff Business School

Professor Max Munday analyses the factors determining the location of Welsh Government overseas offices.

Comparisons of Overseas offices

Punching our Weight? International Comparisons of the Location and Staffing of Overseas Offices

Author: Liam Whittington, UKRCS

Comparative data of locations and staffing of Overseas Offices by comparable nations to Wales.

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