What Works Centre for Wellbeing comes to Wales


We were really pleased to welcome the newly established What Works Centre for Wellbeing to Wales recently.  This was the starting point of an ongoing dialogue between ourselves and the Centre to ensure their work is relevant to and used by policy makers and practitioners across Wales. In this blog are …

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How can we Increase Diversity in Local Government?

man putting ballot in a box during elections in wales in front of flag

Throughout this week, the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) has run a series of blogs which focused on issues surrounding diversity in local government.  The PPIW was asked by Welsh Ministers to provide expert advice on increasing diversity among councillors in Wales.  Part of this work involved recognised expert …

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Working Together to Close the Democratic Deficit

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Throughout this week we are discussing diversity in local government.  This discussion follows a request from Welsh Ministers to PPIW to provide expert advice on increasing diversity in local government.  On Tuesday, Dame Jane Roberts gave her opinion on the topic and yesterday Diverse Cymru discussed their work in relation to increasing representation of Black, Minority, …

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Diversity in Local Government

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Local councillors are not representative of the communities they serve.  The average councillor is white, male and more than 20 years older than the typical citizen.  The median age of councillors is going up – it is now over 60 and fewer than 10% are under 40.  In contrast, the …

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