What will Brexit mean for Wales?

brexit thin

On 23 June, the UK voted to leave the European Union. The process for leaving and the implications for Wales are uncertain, but broadly speaking there are three forms that Brexit could take: Soft Brexit: Retain membership of the single market through the European Economic Area (EEA). The closest type …

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Necessary but not Sufficient – The Role of Finance in Supporting Public Sector Innovation


Innovation requires financial investment; there’s no two ways about it, and that’s a problematic message for public sector organisations operating under significant funding constraints. Problematic, and also paradoxical, because it is through investing in innovation that we can design better, cheaper public services and support increased democratic and civic engagement. …

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Food Policy as Public Policy – Next Steps.


A national food policy needs to address the pressing challenges facing modern food systems to ensure that food from its production through to its consumption is sustainably managed into the foreseeable future. How do we do this? A first step is to identify these challenges and a second step is …

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The Potential for Welsh Nudges


The nudge agenda has come of age. Back in 2010 most people in public life did not know much about behavioural policies to improve public policy outcomes, even if they had heard about nudge from Thaler and Sunstein’s book of the same name.  Thanks to the work of the Behavoural …

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