Public Policy ‘Made in Wales’?

Flying Wales Flag

From the offset, the case for devolution in the UK featured strong calls for different regions to be granted the means with which to develop distinctive and place-appropriate responses to the issues they face. In the words of the former Labour First Minister of Wales (2000-2009), Rhodri Morgan, the devolved …

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A Budget for Uncertainty?

Value of pound (1600x900)

Most of the political interest around the Welsh Government’s draft budget has inevitably centred on the deal with Plaid Cymru. But in fiscal terms, there was another story. The Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government called it a ‘budget for stability and ambition’. It might also have been called …

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What Works in Promoting What Works?

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Last week the PPIW presented at the What Works Global Summit. Representatives from over forty countries gathered at this major international conference to discuss the state of evidence-informed policy and practice globally, as well as future challenges and opportunities.  Our presentation on putting evidence to work for politicians in Wales …

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Getting Research Into Local Government Scrutiny


  Following on from the popularity of Lauren Carter-Davies’ blog – Engaging with the Policy-making and Scrutiny Process in Wales: How Does Research Get into the National Assembly for Wales? we asked Dave Mckenna, from Swansea Council, to explore how research can be used  in the local government scrutiny process. Compared …

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