New Assignment – Reasonable Punishment: The Links with Child Outcomes, Children’s Attitudes and the Effectiveness of Legislation

A clsoeup headshot of a caucasian little real boy with a serious or blank expression on his face.

Current legislation permits physical punishment of children so long as it constitutes “reasonable punishment”. The PPIW are undertaking two pieces of work related to the Welsh Government’s intention to seek cross party support for legislation to end the defence of “reasonable punishment”. The first is an in-house evidence review on …

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PPIW Report Publication: Improving Public Services

Improving Public Services

The Public Policy Institute for Wales brought together an invited group of leading public management experts and Welsh Government officials to explore the existing evidence about public service improvement and identify future evidence needs to support incoming Ministers. Workshop participants included senior academics and representatives from Y Lab, the Early …

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PPIW Report Publication: Asymmetric School Weeks

Asymmetric School Weeks

Following a request from the previous Minister for Education and Skills, the PPIW brought together a group of stakeholders to examine the benefits and potential drawbacks associated with adopting asymmetric school weeks. An asymmetric school week includes a combination of longer and shorter days with coordinated pupil free time. The …

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